Working with Heimdall

Recently, Heimdall let me know that there was work to be done with him. I had never considered working with Heimdall before, but as I thumbed a sun charm on a bracelet and thought of Thor, the Watcher interrupted, making himself known. And so began my work with Heimdall.

Figuring out I had something to learn from him was the easy part. Heimdall is quiet and stoic, and he is not easy to communicate with. The hard part was figuring out what lessons Heimdall had to teach me.

I pulled the two cards featuring him from my tarot deck, and I slept with them under my pillow for a week, hoping he would come to me in dreams the way Odin and Freyja had done in the past.

But Heimdall is not a hand-holder.

Whatever he wanted me to learn, he wanted me to learn from him myself, with no guidance from him. He’s stubborn, that’s for certain, but he’s also duty bound and watchful, an honorable god who takes his work seriously.

And I believe that is what I needed to learn from Heimdall as I reapplied for the Clergy Training Program, and stepped up to tackle the Ambassador Program, as well. I have a duty to my community, to be ever-vigilant and protect those I’m bound to. I entered the Ambassador and Clergy programs with a new sense of duty, one that I had not experienced before.

It’s easy to get caught up in the instant-gratification culture of our modern society, but Heimdall serves as a reminder that sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves and others is to watch and to wait. He reminds us that our community and those we are duty-bound to come first, and that we should all take our oaths and vows as seriously as we made them, at all times.

I’m still establishing myself with Heimdall, but I see him in every day now, and on the rare occasions he does deem it appropriate to communicate, he does so softly. Do not expect the “in your face” tactics of some other gods. You will not find it with Heimdall. Working with Heimdall requires that you slow down, take a break from instant gratification, and listen carefully.

I think we all have something we can learn from Heimdall, especially in such a fast paced, me-me-me culture as the one we’re living in.

Hail Heimdall, the watcher, ever-vigilant and duty-bound.

In Frith,


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