On Kindreds, Regional Lead, and CTP.

Things have been pretty busy over here!

I’ve recently been promoted to NSE Regional Lead Ambassador, and while it’s harder than I expected, it’s also very rewarding! Knowing that I’m making a difference in my community, and knowing that I’m welcoming new members to TAC has been emotionally rewarding in ways I can’t quite describe. I’m honored that Casey felt I was equipped to handle this position, and I’m determined to prove him right, and do right, by this new title.

If you’re a part of NSE (and even if you’re not!) and you’re looking for updates more frequently than just the monthly newsletter, feel free to give me a follow here. I generally try to keep WordPress updated more frequently, and it’s a good place to get a hold of me if you’re unable to reach me on Facebook. Just like the newsletter, I’ll be accepting submissions for this page, too! This means poetry, short stories, artwork, and essays! Have something you want featured in a newsletter or this blog? Email me at melaniew@theasatrucommunity.org

I’ve finished the Clergy Training Program, and honestly I’m feeling very good about it. We have a wonderful DoRA who has been hard at work revising the program, all while undergoing it herself!

The CTP is hard work, and it requires a lot of time and dedication. But despite being quite a bit of effort, it’s well worth it. I’ve learned a lot from the program, and it’s helped me grow spiritually as well. Aside from those benefits, though, at the end you become certified Gothar! My certifications should be sent out this week, and I’m anxiously awaiting them. I’m excited to hang these things on the wall, and proudly display the fruits of my labor.

If you’re interested in either the Clergy Training Program or the Ambassador Program, the TAC site has good information, or I will answer any questions that I can!

I also set up a Kindred in the last couple of months. There’s only three of us so far, and we hold regular monthly meetings. We are called Bjornskald, and we operate out of Meadville, Pennsylvania. If you’re interested in joining that, you can reach me by email and I’ll answer whatever questions that you may have.

I’m juggling a lot, and looking at going back to school, but I genuinely love what I’m doing here for TAC.

Don’t forget, there’s an online book club for NSE members on Monday, November 11th, at 2 pm! We will be going over the Hávamál, stanzas 1-15. I’m excited to see you there!



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