What TAC Has Done For Me

I first joined TAC in February of this year. I had followed the page for a while, but it wasn’t until February that I finally felt comfortable.

Joining TAC was a big deal for me. I felt proud to have been accepted, but it wasn’t until the end of August that I finally decided to do something. I applied for the Clergy Training Program, and I loved it. Shortly after applying for the CTP, I applied for the Ambassador Program.

Since then, I’ve started a book club, got a dear friend involved with TAC, got my husband to sign up as an official member, and also started a Kindred.

I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ve learned who I want to be as a person, and I’ve learned what a genuine community feels like. I’ve learned to work with Heimdall, after a strange epiphany, and I’ve learned how to fight racism at more of an institutional level than what I knew before. I’ve grown. I’ve grown a lot.

I’ll be honest with you, before the CTP, before the Ambassador Program, I was very suicidal. I was in a bad place, and I didn’t want to continue living. I did a small stint in Inpatient Mental Health, and got my meds adjusted. And when I got out, I applied for the CTP. I felt called to the program, like it was meant for me to do. And I think it was.

I’m not suicidal anymore. I’m on the right meds, and I’ve found purpose in my life. I’ve found a reason to keep going. Things are lining up for me, and for the first time in my life, I am grateful to be alive so that I can see them happen. I have a job I enjoy, a community I love, and people I like spending time with.

And honestly, I don’t think I’d be here, where I am today, without TAC.

Had TAC changed your life? Be sure to let me know!



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